Medicine in Germany

For doctors graduating from Turkey, the term "doctorate in Germany" is perhaps one of the most popular searches of the last 5 years. A search for "doctor in Germany" will bring up many companies. Doctors from Turkey can consult companies, but they should first find their colleagues. Because medicine is a self-employment based on master-apprentice relationship. You should first find and consult a colleague. Commercial companies and those who see this business only as a source of income are not happy when physicians come together in solidarity. Because only your colleagues offer the most economical and fastest way. Search for "Doctors Cooperative", "DoctorsClub" or "doctors telegram group" for practicing medicine abroad in search engines and join groups. Follow, listen and follow physicians going abroad on social media. Only by coming together with your colleagues can you get the most economical foreign language education, the best foreign consultancy and the most economical immigration method. The more you save, the lower the income of those who profit from you. Language learning and finding a job are the basis for practicing medicine abroad. Other procedures are details.

What are the requirements for practicing medicine in Germany and for Turkish physicians to work abroad?

I would like to put together a guide for Turkish physicians who are looking to practice in Germany, including information on how to get out of Germany and the incentive of membership in a doctors' cooperative

1. What are the Documents Required for Doctorate in Germany?

In order to practice medicine in Germany, certain documents are required. These include a diploma, a language proficiency certificate (e.g. TELC or TestDaF), a work permit and a certificate of recognition. For information on these documents, doctors in Turkey can contact their embassy or consulate in Germany

2. Doctoral Language Proficiency:

A good command of the German language is required to practice medicine in Germany. Physicians in Turkey can attend German courses to improve their language proficiency. There are also professional language courses in Germany and they can learn medical terminology by attending these courses

3. Physician Recognition Procedures in Germany:

In order to become a doctor in Germany, the equivalence procedures of the diploma obtained in Turkey must be completed. In order to obtain a certificate of equivalence, physicians in Turkey must apply to the authorities in Germany and provide the necessary documents. It is important to apply on time as the recognition process can take a long time.

4. Ways of Finding a Job for Physicians in Germany:

Doctors from Turkey who want to practice medicine in Germany should look for employment opportunities. Do not forget to fill in the job application form of the doctors' cooperative. These include job advertisements on the internet, contacting Turkish doctors practicing medicine, applying to the doctors' cooperative in Germany, etc.

5. Membership of the Doctors' Cooperative and consultancy services for doctors:

Physicians in Turkey can become a member of the Doctors' Cooperative to practice medicine in Germany. This cooperative provides support to Turkish physicians in finding a job in Germany, language training, recognition procedures, etc. The advantages of membership include employment opportunities, professional development opportunities and consultancy services. For our colleagues who want to practice abroad, we organize online training and consultancy conferences for practicing medicine in Germany. Our members can also attend such conferences free of charge.

6. Living and Working Conditions in Germany:

Physicians from Turkey who want to practice medicine in Germany should consider the living and working conditions. You should learn about the healthcare system, working hours, salaries and benefits in Germany. Also, the cost of living in Germany and cultural differences should be taken into consideration

As a result, I have prepared a guide for Turkish physicians who want to practice medicine in Germany, including the information they can consult about going abroad and the incentive of membership in the doctors' cooperative. In this article, I have touched on topics such as the necessary documents, language proficiency, recognition procedures, ways of finding a job, membership in the doctors' cooperative and living conditions. I hope this article will help Turkish physicians to practice medicine in Germany. If you have any additional questions about the topic, please send them to us via the " Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" section.